Luca Anconetani

Born in Jesi, An,Italy (1966). I started with macro and travel photography during my childhood, then actually I shoot mainly about nature/landscapes views. For me photography is essentially a wonderful way to capture a moment, a light, a unique sensation trying to search always the perfect light or the perfect atmosphere. At first I used Pentax and Chinon cameras, now I have some Nikon's bodies such as d5200, d610 and d750.

Sometimes I send my works to National and International Photo contests


3 place at photo contest, b/w, street category, Jesi (An, italy)

Special mention at National Photo Contest, Pollenza (Mc, Italy) Landscapes cat. 2016

Honorable mention at International Photographer of the Year IPOTY, landscapes cat. 2016

3 Nominee/Awardes at Fine Art Photography Awards, FAPA, 2017

2 Nominee/Awardes at Fine Art Photography Awards, FAPA, 2018, seascapes and landscapes cat.

Honorable mention at Monovision Photography Awards 2016 (B/W, landscapes cat.)

Honorable mention at Monovision Photography Awards 2017 (B/W, Fine Art cat.)

National Geographic editor David Y. Lee added 7 my pics as a favorite (January/march/October 2018)

National Geographic Italia. 5 of my pics chosen among "the best of January, August, October 2018,July 2019 and October 2019"

Nominee at 11 Annual International Color Awards 2018, Fine Art Cat. (A tuscany view)

Honorable Mention at 12 Annual International Color Awards 2019, Fine Art Cat. (the old farmhouse)

2 my pics chosen as "Fotomania top selection" on Fb

National Geographic editor Kristen Mc Nicholas added 10 my pics (Italian country,throw the rock, waiting for a sunset and alone) as a favorite (April-June-September 2018), Castel Boccale (february 2019)and lights and shadows (May 2019), Carezza Lake, The church (july 2019),Colmar (july 2019), the lake (8/2018)

Honorable mention at Moscow International Foto Awards, MIFA (Fine Art landscapes cat. B/W, May 2018)

Honorable mention at IPA (International Photography Awards, landscapes cat, October 2018)

Honorable mention at ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography Awards) November 2018, landscapes category

3 Honorable mention at Monochrome Awards 2018 (landscapes,fine art and wild life cat.) January 2019

3 of my photos broadcast on Italian television pragrams, "Stasera Italia" on Rete4 and "Geo" on Rai3

Nominee at 5th Fine Art Photography Awards photo contest (2019 ,FAPA) Landscape Amateur Winners

National Geographic USA, editors selected my photo (lights and shadows) as the best daily dozen in May 2019

pubblicaz su "Orizzonti della Marca" di 1 mia foto di Cingoli (sett. 2019)

National Geographic Traveler.One my photo (Urbino) selected and published on magazine (September 2020)

Honorable mention at TIFA Tokio International Foto Awards 2020 cat. landscape

2 times finalist on SIPA, Siena International Photo Awards

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