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Natura Viva! Siskin in relaxation pose... An unmistakable Siskin, with its yellow and black plumage, rests above my head!! Great choice friend, a nice photo for all my friends. Many greetings and good light ... always!!! Nikon D500+Nikkor 500mmPF
Natura Viva! Light Blue...is here. Light Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and evokes Nature, it is also a symbol of creativity, spirituality and calmness. Jay's eyes are light blue, and magnetic for me, meeting her is always a great show!! Tanti Saluti e Buon Weekend!!! Nikon D500+Nikkor 500mmPF
Natura Viva! Surreal dialogues... Robin: "Hey friend! Let's do this, you come here to dance only with your four hairs, and we take many beautiful photos to show to friends on cipcipgram!!!" I: "Robin you are special!" ... Do you agree? My best regards and Good light...ever!!! Nikon D500+Nikkor 500mm PF
Criss cross light per questo ulteriore scatto con schema ad un punto. Sofbox con griglia.
Immagine di un'alce nella luce autunnale del tardo pomeriggio
Hyper soft light - Andrea Shu Nikon Z6 + 85mm Hyper soft light - Andrea Shu Nikon Z6 + 85mm - Francesco francia fotografo di moda
FRANCESCO FRANCIA - fotografo - "Women in light & shadow" - Herodiade Chatnoir Flash light + Led Fresnel Piccoletto DeSisti Lighting Nikon Z6 + 50 mm serie S
Piazza Goldoni Trieste,ieri sera a fare qualche scatto con gli amici del fotoclub.....
Il Trentino rimane sempre la mia seconda casa, appena posso scappo li a camminare tra le montagne....
Sit down and listen the sound of the nature....Now look in the sky and wait the sunset... EXIF ISO 100 F 14 18 mm 140 secondi espo