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chiara salvadori
Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga, South Africa
view of the peloton descending Cormet de Roseland (France) during the 2021 Criterium du Dauphinè.
Sulle rive de Tago l'avventore pedala per prepararsi il frullato!!!
Riders jumping with the bmx during the 2021 Bmx European cup in Verona.
L’impollinazione è quel processo indispensabile per la riproduzione delle piante alla base della sopravvivenza stessa di molte specie sulla Terra, uomo compreso.
I love walking in the Rain because nobody knows I\'m Crying !
The shoot of an Iconic photo of the Mesa Arch during the sunrise for my personal portfolio has been a big challenge to me. The photo was in my mind since my departure from Italy. Such day I was worried, nervous, thrilled and deadly late. After an early morning 60km reckless car drive, and a final rush on stones, sand, and plants, running, with my whole gear on my back, I've found the spot completely overcrowded, I had to sit down between two other kind photographers and shoot freehand because there wasn't place for my tripod. Failure wasn't an option. Hope I've got my picture.
\"Un giorno di passione - A day of passion\" Sant\'Efisio 2014 Carlo Marras Photography © tutti i diritti riservati rif: _DSC0883
Davide Solurghi
Model: Kristie Ishii - Follow me on Facebook Fan Page Davide Solurghi Photography or visit my website Davide Solurghi Photography
Call of the wild... www.claudiopiccoli.com
Seascape photographer - Castelsardo | Italy
Da un set nel bellissimo monte gelato (RM). Immersi nella natura.