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┬ęDomenicoGuida_GdPhotoDSC2656_Cilento in Acciaroli the feast of Our Lady is the oldest ritual and heard by the people acciarolese, but can now be defined as an event also expected by holiday makers who, during the hottest month of the year, live in this fascinating slice of Cilento. For this country, modest and reserved, the sea that caresses your feet, is the most prolific source of wealth and opulent, not only because it allows a massive influx of tourists, mortgaging firmly tourism and local economy, but mainly because the substantial and varied inhabitants of the sea offer work to more substantial proportion of the local population and that is why the acciarolesi develop a complex and vital relationship with the sea, based on due respect to a creature that allows it to survive, but also to survive, because here, the fishermen know how well and how much the sea can suddenly turn into a bloody and ruthless monster capable of destroying and suck anything. In light of this, the Madonna for acciarolesi plays a role of primary importance and indissoluble, as reflected by the enormous plaster statue that depicts White, located at the end of the pier, with hands outstretched toward the sea, because She has the prudent and responsible task of watching over them, when, in the middle of the night, they decide to defy the fate of destiny, entering in the dark depths of the crystalline waters....the sky Acciaroli still has much to say!!! ┬ęDomenicoGuidaGdPhoto_Photographic Archive/2013/ All Rights Reserved